BBMF Lancaster to Fly Today

The BBMF Lancaster is due to fly today, the first time this year, these are “Airtests” and if successful we are rumoured to have training on the Lancaster throughout the week to bring up crew currency and work up towards Public Display Authority (PDA)

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Times we have for today are:
Times Local & Approximate


1604: Slight snag means Lancaster will be late up for the 1600L Sortie
1623: Report from Woodhall Spa 1940’s weekend states organisers are telling people not to expect the Lancaster until after 1710L
1640: Repair completed about 15mins ago, crewing in now.
1648: Will be starting up any time now, please follow @EGXCinfo for updates or watch the live stream underneeth.

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Lancaster 1200L Sortie in RED
Lancaster 1600L Sortie in DARK RED

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  • 17th July 2016 at 10:51 am

    Great news. Love seeing this in thebsky

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