Hunter Flight Today


0949: Hunter is already towed out to Echo Dispersal, earliest it can fly is 1030, active runway is 22.

1010: Hunter is ZZ190 and will probably use callsign “SCAMPTON33”

1023: We have a Herc here at the moment which has just started up, my guess is that it will be first in the queue followed at some point today by the Hunter.

1200: Hunter “SCAMPTON33” is ENGINE START, will be using RWY22.

1203: Hunter is on TAXI – Live updates on EGXPinfo from now.

Well, sorry I had to cut it short, when there is a lot going on I can only update Twitter when I am mobile, its far to complicated to do Facebook, Twitter, Website, Take Photo’s and talk to anyone that happens to be next to me! It is probably why I make so many mistakes! Anyway, the Hunter went to Boscombe Down for a PD via the Westcot Corridor  from Scampton. On its return R313 was hot as the Red Arrows were coming in to Land, initially they asked for a block of Airspace for General Handling but after a short while they asked if they could go to Coningsby for some circuit bashing! At around 1330 it returned back to Scampton and did some circuits and gave it some beans at certain points which was good to see. Keep an eye on our feeds and if it goes up again I will try and let you all know as I did today! I will end with some pictures of it from today (Just unedited ones)

IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1675 IMG_1717 IMG_1720 IMG_1725 IMG_1778

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  • 25th February 2016 at 10:31 am

    Cracking good images. Thanks for the updates. I haven’t seen these updates before, not being a social media type, but please keep’em coming.

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