The Diary

Above is a small interactive preview of our Diary, however more functionality and better layouts are possible if you go directly to our calendar on Google, then you get it to look like this (Click to view in full size):


You can then search by text, aircraft type, display team, location, event or anything else. You also get to see the event Day, Time, Title and Location all in one view, far better than the preview at the top of this page.

To get this better view do the following:

1) Click the “+ Google Calendar” icon on the bottom right of the diary above
2) Sign into Google
3) Subscribe to the Calendar (This is not the same as synchronising to a device)
4) View in Desktop Mode
5) Select the Agenda View

Once you are subscribed you can just go straight to Google Calendars and our Calendar should be available to you at all times, you can bookmark and use this link: Google Calendars

Other ways to view:

Click here to visit the Diary on Google (Probably just the basic view)

Some people prefer to have the data in the ICAL format, the ICAL link is: Here

Do You Have Information?

Contributions from followers are vital for our success. You can submit your information anonymously and you can specify if it is information for the public, or information just for us:

If you have some information to send in you can use this form. The only required field is the information field. This is so you can send in information anonymously if you wish. If you do wish to remain anonymous we recommend you assign yourself a nickname or code name so if you provide information in the future we can assess this as more reliable by reputation score. We also recommend you view our Source a information Policy so you know how your information will be handled.

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