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Update: 3rd June

Update: 6th June: 85.96% raised

At The EGXWinfo Group HQ I have been struggling for a while with outdated computer equipment. The main computer setup handles a lot of background tasks, most importantly the logging and alerting of aircraft from Transponder Data. This is quite a processor intensive task and I invested quite a bit in the Hardware needed around the time I set up the EGXWinfo Group. However the AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40GHz processor was struggling to cope with the tasks assigned to it so last week I upgraded it to a AMD FX-8370 Eight-Core 4.0GHz, the most powerful processor compatible with the Motherboard. This ran well for about 12 hours however something then went seriously wrong resulting in a critical failure and the death of my main computer.

Without going into too much detail I have been unable to work due to health/disability for 10 years. This has unfortunately led to health related costs, inability to generate an income and no surplus in the family budget. I started the EGXWinfo Group as a hobby, giving me an all important mental focus through difficult time and being something I could do when I felt well enough and not do when I didn’t! Quite simply I just enjoy giving everyone as much information and help as possible regarding local aviation. Another important role for the main computer was also to essentially beam everything important upstairs to an old computer powering a bedside display and pillow-side alert speaker as I’m stuck in bed 95% of the time. However when the main computer went down I lost this functionality I relied on so much.

It goes against my nature to ask for help, especially when it comes to financial assistance. I have had a donate button on my page for a few years now, after repeated requests from followers, but I have not pushed this in people’s faces, I have not sent out regular requests for donations, but rather I have left it visible for people to use if they felt a donation is something they wanted to do. Up until now I have paid for all IT equipment, cost of running the website and electricity myself. However I have made the decision that I can not afford to replace it out of my own pocket. A replacement for the main computer would be a significant cost as it needs to be a powerful machine to handle the tasks that I need it to do. Reluctantly and after some debate, I have decided to ask for help.

Therefore I am asking my followers to donate a very small amount, as a gift, in appreciation of the information I have supplied over the years so far. I’m not asking for huge amounts, in fact I would be most happy if say “every follower simply donated a £1” because that would soon add up. I don’t want any donations from anyone who can’t afford it. There are also charitable causes all around the world that are far more worthy of your generosity than I. I have been humbled by the support, offers of help and equipment so far and I have no doubt that once I make this request I will be further humbled by the generosity of my followers. I can also give you my word that all donations will be spent on equipment to support The EGXWinfo Group going forward. I will continue to run the group short of some unanticipated health complication making this unachievable.

If you feel you are able to make a small contribution to light up these blank screens again then please use the Donate button here:

3 thoughts on “Help Needed

  • 22nd May 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Definitely donated
    You do an amazing job of what you do and over the years have been a brilliant reference point for us to turn to. Especially when I was periscoping quite alot. Have always been very reliable and helped to share my periscopes to, more so when it was the last flights of the Vulcan which was very much appreciated. Hope you get enough to improve your set up as it is a very worthy cause especially for aviation enthusiasts.
    Keep going and good luck.

  • 23rd May 2019 at 12:13 am

    Any chance of paying by paypal

    • 23rd May 2019 at 1:31 am

      Do you mean PayPal Balance? I ask as you are the second person to ask. If so yes, you can donate by sending to friends if you wish (No Charge to me that way) and using our email address. Which for some reason gets blocked here lol, I will email you 😉

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