NOTIce to AirMen: Are notices of occurrences that may effect air activity in a given area, like a electronic notice board. Primarily for flight safety but also to aid in coordination between air service users. As Open Source Information it can be useful for Enthusiasts to gain more information about an event like time, location or route. They often use an agreed set of abbreviations sometimes making them difficult to interpret, in fact when I asked what people would like in the new Dictionary a method of decoding NOTAM’s was the most popular response!

If you have a NOTAM you want turning into something a bit more understandable, copy and paste it into this box and hit submit. (Please note it wont map any co-ordinates for you, it will just translate the abbreviations)

Notam Decoder powered by Dror Pilot Flight Instructor in Israel.


Other than the translator above there are some handy tools to visualise NOTAM’s on other websites.

Notaminfo has some great features, most importantly a map of the NOTAM’s, but also alert emails and a list of Area & Aerodrome NOTAM’s without needing a login like you do on the NATS website.

360radar NOTAM overlay as part of their tracking service Has a great page providing the full details of every element of a NOTAM including a copy of the NOTAM Code (All the abbreviations)