UK Base Map

This national map now has the following features: (Each layer can be enabled or disabled in the legend)

  • HM Coastguard Helicopter Bases
  • UK Police Helicopter Bases
  • UK Helimed/HEMS/Air Ambulance Helicopter Bases
  • RNLI Lifeboats
  • Hospital Helicopter Landing Sites (England/Scotland/Wales)
  • UK Search & Rescue Region (not displayed by default)
  • Irish Search & Rescue Region (not displayed by default)

You can obtain further information by clicking on a base waypoint to reveal further information about Aircraft Callsign, Registration & Base Name.


This has been stitched together with information from various sources so there will be information on here that is not correct or out of date. If you know of any corrections that can be made please use our contact form to let us know.

Future Features

I hope to bring the following features at some point

  • All RNLI Lifeboat Stations (Done)
  • All Independent Lifeboat Stations
  • Twitter usernames for all assets officially using the platform
  • I may grade Hospital Landing Sites by facilities such as A&E vs Major Trauma Centre as well as specialist facilities like Neurosurgery/Urgent Cadiac Care/Pediatric Trauma/Burns Units etc etc

Our Twitter Account

Our Twitter Account for this topic is @Lincs999Air however due to manpower we have to limit live information to Flying in Lincolnshire or by Aircraft based in Lincolnshire only, but feel free to give me a shout on Twitter for anything relating to this map.

Viewing Directly on Google

You can use this link to view the map directly on google, bypassing this page. It may open in the “Google Maps” App on your mobile device/tablet this way also.