There are two ways to get in touch, you can continue to scroll to our contact from or scroll past it if you have access to encrypted email that you can now use to contact us securely.

If you have some information to send in you can use this form. The only required field is the information field. This is so you can send in information anonymously if you wish. If you do wish to remain anonymous we recommend you assign yourself a nickname or code name so if you provide information in the future we can assess this as more reliable by reputation score. We also recommend you view our Source a information Policy so you know how your information will be handled.

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Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

Encrypted Email

Encrypted email is now our preferred contact method for anyone sending in information due to the added security it gives you. However we do appreciate most people will not have encypted email so for those you can continue to contact us using the contact form above.

Inline OpenPGP

Our secure email address is and the bit you need to enter before the @ symbol is “egxwinfosource” we have written it this way to make it harder for Internet bots to find our email address in full.

Our encryption is 4096Bit Inline OpenPGP and you will need to encrypt your email using our public key, our public key displayed here is in speech marks, the key is the text between the speech marks so DO NOT include the speech marks when encrypting you message, our public key is:


Do not forget to include your public key in your email or we won’t be able to reply securely.

For security reasons we will always reply to your message in a few days so you know it has been read and decrypted successfully. If for any reason you do not get this confirmation email please use our contact form to get in touch and tell us, however we do not recommend you give the information you were sending to use securely in your message using our contact form.