Range Opening Hours

Day Flying

During GMT: Mon-Thu 0900-1630, Fri 0900-1500

During British Summer Time: Mon-Thu 0800-1630, Fri 0800-1500

Night Flying

Happens from 1st September to 30th April (inclusive)

During GMT:  Mon & Wed 1630-2200

During British Summer Time: Mon & Wed 1530-2100

For Pilots

Always consult the AIP for up to date information first, this page may not be up to date

Range Frequency 122.750 MHz (during published
hours) All other times London Information on 124.600 MHz.

Caution: Associated aircraft operations outside area boundary.
122.750 MHz is a common frequency also used by Holbeach and
Pembrey AWRs. Ensure crossing clearance request is specific to Donna Nook AWR