Live Aircraft Tracking


We now endorse 360Radar as our preferred Live Tracking Service, it’s free for data contributors or there is a small charge for access. It is the best service we have found for unfiltered aircraft data and because it’s web based you can access it wherever you are. For information on 360Radar please read our article on the service where we explain all. If you have data to share from an ADSB receiver we encourage you to share your data here as it improves coverage for us and everyone using the service. You can get set up with one for as little as £5 so encourage you to read up on how to go about it here.

Public Filtered Feeds

These are public tracking sites that should filter out Military Traffic, however some do slip through and its getting more common.


Plane Finder



These are Glider Transponders however nearly all the BBMF aircraft have these in addition to the Aircraft Transponders (Normally Mode-S)

Spot the gliders! (BBMF Aircraft Show up as they have FLARM Transponders Fitted)


These should show military flight data (Mode-S by MLAT and then ADSB)

Donny Radar

ADSB Exchange Virtual Radar Feed Powered by Virtual Radar Server this is available for all without a subscription, it is US based but if you drag the map over to the UK you will see data as quite a few Lincolnshire Groundstations supply data.

360 Radar Powered by Virtual Radar Server and in Beta Testing, you can contact them for a temporary username & password and access it for now but when it goes live you will have to either pay a subscription or get supply them with Ground Station Data to get a free account.

ADSB Hub Powered by Virtual Radar Server you have to supply Data from your own Ground Station for access.

ETA | Over the North East

East Mids Area Flight Log

Live Flight Information – Humberside Airport

Software Based

PlanePlotter by COAA