Air Combat Power Visit

This years Air Combat Power Visit will take place at RAF Waddington having previously been held at RAF Coningsby

What to expect

Information for this year is a little thin on the ground. The event is an internal RAF Event showcasing the capabilities of various airframes & systems. It is mostly a static affair, so if you want to see anything it’s an arrivals & departures job for the most part.

The exceptions

In previous years there has been a flying role demonstration from Hawks, but we have no indication if this will take place this year.

There is usually a Typhoon Display, however there won’t be one this year due to noise complaints because of Exercise Cobra Warrior.

There is a BBMF rumour going round, for the Monday/Tuesday, we shall see on that one and I wouldn’t mind betting it will be a fighter or two rather than the Dakota/Lancaster.


Arrivals and setting up: Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th October

Departures: Thursday 24th to Friday 25th October


Provisional List:

  • Typhoon
  • A400
  • C17
  • C130J
  • US Navy P8
  • 2 x Hawk (100 Sqn)
  • E3D Sentry (Station based)
  • Rivet Joint (Station based)
  • Sentinel (Station based)
  • Shadow (Station based)
  • Puma (Arrived 17/10/19)

Previous Participants NOT listed:

  • Chinook
  • Tornado (Obviously not this year)
  • VIP Aircraft (A109 or BAe 146)
  • Tutor
  • Prefect
  • Tucano
  • Juno


There is an Apache rumour although bear in mind that’s not RAF. They do seem to like to have one of each type of the RAF Fleet at the event. Could we see examples of the newer training platform types like the Texan & Phenom? Well only time will tell.


There is an Enthusiasts photo shoot on base 1600-2000 on Sunday 20th October BUT all places (100) are Sold Out at £22.50 so if you’re not on it, you won’t get on it now. It is run by the Centre of Aviation Photography as per previous years. [More Info]

Important: Road Closures

From 6.30pm Friday 18th to 6am Friday 25th October the A15 is shut south of Bracebridge Heath as part of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass works. The WAVE is OPEN, but you MUST approach from the South. You will not be able to access the WAVE from the North (Bracebridge Heath Side)

So if you are coming from the North go via:

Branston: From Branston south on Mere Road, then continue as it joins onto B1178 Southbound to A15 Sleaford Road where you turn Right to the WAVE

Harmston: At Bracebridge Heath travel South on A607 through Waddington to junction of B1178 near Harmston where you turn left onto B1178. Stay on B1178 until you reach A15 Sleaford Road turning left onto it and carrying on all the way to the WAVE.

I will try and bang up a map when I get time


The WAVE will be open every day throughout. It’s hard to gauge how much interest there will be, especially considering the road closures but there will be plenty of parking.

Aircraft Parking

From what we have heard it will be all around the old Foxtrot Dispersal, bays 26-32. So static photography opportunities will be very distant, hence the advice to catch them arriving or departing!


I will update this post if anything more comes to light, also the dates/times will be going on our publicly available diary