Firstly I would like to thank you as by clicking this link it probably means you are considering donating money to The EGXWinfo Group of Twitter Accounts, so thank you.

I would like you to read through this before you donate so you fully understand the circumstances we operate under and what the donation will be spent on.

Future Commitment

A few years ago after I started tweeting information about the Waddington Airshow I decided to put out intermittent information about aircraft movements at RAF Waddington year round. I am disabled and unable to work and I had access to some technology that could be used to benefit others. So it made sense that I could put out some information out on Twitter from my iPad in bed and that it would give me something to focus on psychologically which is so important when so isolated and in chronic pain. I could do as little or as much as I wanted without to much pressure, since then it has grown to multiple twitter accounts, live tracking when I am able, a facebook page and a website. Although I do my best to keep things up to date and have been doing this for a few years now I want you to be aware that I can not commit to doing this in future. My health may get worse, or may get better, I do not know, but a change in circumstances may mean I am no longer able to keep up with this project. So please only donate for the benefits we have given you so far and not for the benefits we may give you in future.

How Donations would be spent

Donations will be spent on equipment to improve the service we provide. I have invested hundreds, if not a few thousand pounds so far into equipment but this is my “hobby.” However I have to draw the line somewhere as a disabled person as I have very little income to begin with. Therefore there are things I would like to buy that I can not, this is where donations come in. I am in need of things like: a few more monitors, updated computer hardware, radio equipment and some accessibility tools/adaptations to enable me to spend more time online without impacting my health as much as it would otherwise do.

How to donate

You can donate using PayPal which will allow you to pay with all major credit/debit cards or funds you already have in a PayPal account (You do not need an account to donate) Please be aware that PayPal do subtract a substantial fee from donations made using the “Donate” Button. Alternatively if you consider me as a friend you can send me money via PayPal without fee, you would just need our email address which you can ask for by sending a Personal Message (Private Message) through any of our social media accounts. Our Donate Button is here:


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