Source Information Policy

We are always looking for new people to supply us information either for public consumption or just for us confidentially. The most important thing for us is that our sources identities are kept secure unless you specificity ask to be credited in public for your information. All the details about how we handle information and our trusted sources are contained within our Source Information Policy, it is a bit of a read but it is important for us to know all our sources understand the way we do things and the value we place on integrity. If you know someone who can help us please send them a link to this page and if it is you then please take a bit of time to read it first, then contact us either by social media private message, through this site or by encrypted email.

As of March 2017 we have decided to make the policy available only as a PDF to retain the documents correct structure for reading. Most browsers will now open PDF files without needing Adobe Reader however should you require another format please just get in touch.

Our Source Information Policy is available to download as a PDF here.