£15 Transponder Receiver

We are now able to offer a fully functional Transponder Receiver for £15, P&P & VAT Free – Giving you free access to 360Radar

The hardware is a simple USB DVB TV Dongle that can be used to tune into a frequency of 1090MHz and pick up transponder signals instead of watching TV, it is a great use of the hardware and considering a purpose built receiver can set you back £300 is represents a huge saving. These dongles are being used all over the world by hundreds if not thousands of users successfully so its a tried and tested re-purposing of technology and not something experimental that we have knocked up on the cheap. I am always honest and as such I will say that there are cheaper places to purchase them from outside the UK if your happy to do this and pay any import taxes due. However you can purchase from me, have it supplied from our Lincolnshire HQ, get the instructions you need to set up with a tracking service, pay for your item by PayPal and be protected by PayPals buyer protection. (Using PayPal Balance, Debit or Credit Card)

You will also be helping us because every person feeding data to 360radar will help increase our coverage to track aircraft and lower the altitude ceiling for Mode-S tracking. 99% of Trackable Military Aircraft can only be tracked when it is in Range of 4 or more receivers on the same network. We had the option of setting up our own network but I thought the best choice would be to find an existing network to endorse otherwise we would just create yet another network from scratch and not benefit from data others are already uploading. So after a lot of research and talks we decided to Endorse 360Radar, you can read more about that decision here.

You can see the benefits of being a 360Radar contributor in this comparison chart:

You can also contribute data to other networks too if you wish. This normally will require further software to be installed but if you are happy to do this there can be some advantages as the more commercial networks offer things like free premium membership for contributors.


  1. You must have a Internet Connected PC running Windows or Linux that you are prepared to leave turned on 24/7 (or Raspberry Pi)
  2. You must be confident enough to install programs, drivers & change router settings OR be able to install TeamViewer so someone can assist you remotely to do these things
  3. You must be able to send the payment by PayPal (Who accept debit/credit cards)
  4. You must contribute data to the 360Radar Network
  5. You must run the receiver within the UK & have a UK Postal Address (Bordering countries may be considered but contact us prior to purchase)

In turn you will get:

  1. Free Access to the Premium 360Radar Flight Tracking Service which we endorse
  2. Access to the service on most Web Browsers, Tablets and Smartphones
  3. Free Chart Overlays
  4. A second generation USB RTL2832U+R820T2 ADSB/MODE-S Receiver
  5. Remote Support to install the Receiver from 360Radar if needed
  6. To help us gather more data to support The EGXWinfo Group of Twitter Accounts

The second generation USB RTL2832U+R820T2 ADSB/MODE-S Receiver represents good value for money, I would say it’s a mid range option as there are more expensive options that do perform a little better in tests, however this is a small percentage increase and the best place invest your money for better coverage is into a better antenna. The antenna that comes with your Receiver is a basic one that I would class as a “starter” antenna that will work for anyone. But if you can afford to purchase an antenna that suits your circumstances it will almost always perform better, far better than a more expensive dongle with starter antenna! Details about upgrades will be on the link we send you when your Receiver is posted, however if you can’t wait that long click here. What you get is the Receiver (USB with a protective Cap) an antenna base which is slightly magnetised and has a small length of cable with an MCX connector on the end. Finally you will get a small antenna (less than 15cm) that screws onto the base. It looks like this:

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If you have any questions please get in touch with us via a message to one of our social media accounts or email us by substituting the “www.” of our website address with “admin” then the “at” Symbol. But if you are ready to go ahead, then click “Buy Now” underneath.





To use the Dongle with an antenna other than the one supplied you will probably need an adaptor/converter. The antenna connector on the Dongle is an MCX and the most common connector for antennas is BNC. Therefore we have in stock a MCX to BNC convertor for £3 (P&P & VAT Free) Should you require a different converter please contact us for price & availability details.


While you wait – Join the 360Radar Community

If you are a Facebook user then you can join the community on the 360Radar Facebook Group where you can ask questions, join in with the conversation or see what people are discussing. Just ask to join and when approved you will be able to see what a friendly bunch we all are. You can also see some of the things in development and you will soon find out how proactive and forward thinking this network is. Like I say if you have any questions just ask and you will find the odd person who will point you in the right direction for purchasing receivers, parts and upgrades to improve your own ground station coverage. Go there now!


Why we chose to endorse 360Radar

Installation Instructions

360Radar Facebook Group