My Own Frequency List

A BIG THANK YOU to those that have donated. As a thank you for donating to raise money for a replacement PC after the main machine died I am offering up my personal frequency list for download, free for anyone who has donated ANY amount.  (People that have not donated can download for a suggested donation of £20.

This file contains over 1,800 frequencies covering:

  • UK Military Airfields
  • UK Civil Airfields
  • Minor Airfields
  • Swanwick Military Sectors
  • NATS London ACC
  • NATS London TCC
  • NATS Scottish TC
  • London FIS
  • Scottish FIS
  • Anglia Radar
  • LARS Services
  • Air to Air
  • Air Refueling
  • Military Operations
  • Civil Operations
  • CB Radio
  • Marine VHF
  • PMR446

That’s over 1,800 Frequencies!

I do my best to update it when I can but it wont be 100% accurate and there will be typos. The format is either a .996 Freescan File for Uniden Scanners or Freescan exported .CSV for importation into other software, excel etc.

Quite simply this an amazing list, I have not seen anything like it anywhere else. This is part of my thank you to people that donated in my time of need and alongside my Callsign List provides probably the best frequency and callsign combination available anywhere in the UK

If you have already donated please click here

I have already donated

Disclaimer: Files provided for information only, it’s up to you what you use them for, but it’s worth looking into the legalities of scanning in the UK first. Over 90% of the information contained within the files is published publicly with Usage Licence Agreements in place for the free distribution of any or all information contained within, for purposes including commercial gain and the rest is publicly available online, duplicated across several sources and available at no cost.