BBMF This Weekend

Welcome to a new feature I am trying out for the BBMF Events over the weekend. There will be a map for each day which will be kept up-to-date (Live) as much as possible throughout the day, as details come through I will connect Waypoints together by aircraft so hit F5 in browser to refresh the map. Routes in advance can only happen in advance if the BBMF release those details. For a list, see the Diary.

Poorly Aircraft

Lancaster: Hopefully fixed by the end of the month (Requires PDA)
Dakota: Has not been serviceable the last couple of weeks, current status unknown

The Key:

Circles = Flypast Locations
Squares = Display Locations
Diamond = Off Schedule Location
Green = Going ahead
Orange = Possibly Cancelled
Red = Cancelled
Lines = Straight Line Routes between points (Not the exact route the aircraft will fly)

Saturdays Map [Direct Link]

(Sorry, no times from BBMF again this week)

Sundays Map [Direct Link]

(Sorry, no times from BBMF again this week)

Sundays List

This list will not be updated Live, only the Diary & Map will be updated live

13:00 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Sellindge, Kent)
13:05 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Headcorn, Kent)
13:15 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Strumpshaw, Norfolk)
13:15 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Bethersden, Kent)
13:20 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Whitstable, Kent)
13:35 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk)
14:00 BBMF Display [Lancaster] [Hurricane] [Spitfire] (Paignton, Torbay Air Show)
14:20 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire)
14:35 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Brean, Somerset)
14:40 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Wraxhall, North Somerset)
14:45 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Horncastle, Lincolnshire)
14:55 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Friskney, Lincolnshire)
14:55 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Highnam, Gloucestershire)
15:00 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire)
15:05 NOTAM CANCELLED: BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Ropley Dean, Hampshire)
15:05 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Hawkswell, Essex)
15:10 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Astwood Bank, Worcestershire)
15:15 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Corby Glen, Lincolnshire)
15:25 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Whitchurch Hill, Berkshire)
15:30 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Bassingham, Lincolnshire)
15:35 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Newark, Nottinghamshire)
15:35 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Peterborough, Lincolnshire)
15:40 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Ramsey, Cambridgeshire)
15:45 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Henlow, Central Bedfordshire)
15:55 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Rippingale, Lincolnshire)
16:00 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Kettering, Northamptonshire)
16:00 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Bourne, Lincolnshire)
16:10 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire)
16:25 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Coalville, Leicestershire)
17:05 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (South Hykeham, Lincoln)