Reds Routes Thursday & Friday

Just be aware that the routes published ahead of time have changed a LOT at last minute recently, we are not sure why but a lot are probably weather related. Where possible we will let you know by updates to this page, times, our Reds Route document and social media BUT they do not submit the new route when it is changed last minute so we can not make a new route map up because we do not have the data.

Thursday 23rd June 2016

09:39 Red Arrows Departure (RAF Scampton)
10:06 Red Arrows Arrival (Farnborough)
12:21 Red Arrows Departure (Farnborough)
12:30 Red Arrows Display (Goodwood Festival of Speed)
12:58 Red Arrows Arrival (Farnborough)

Friday 24th June 2016

11:58 Red Arrows Departure (Farnborough)
12:15 Red Arrows Display (Goodwood Festival of Speed)
12:43 Red Arrows Arrival (Farnborough)
18:35 Red Arrows Departure (Farnborough)
18:58 Red Arrows Arrival (RAF Scampton)

Thursday Departing: RAF Scampton at: 0939L Arriving: Farnborough at: 1006L

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Thursday Departing: Farnborough at: 1221L Arriving: Farnborough at: 1258L

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Friday Departing: Farnbrough at: 1158L Arriving: Farnbrough at: 1243L

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Friday Departing: Farnborough at: 1835L Arriving: RAF Scampton at: 1858L

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Map Key

Squares = Displays
Circles = Flypasts
Points = Waypoints


Our Standard Route Document is available at and contains the NOTAM text as published (SO TIMES ARE IN UTC & NEED 1HR ADDING ON FOR LOCAL TIME)
Any live information for the Red Arrows will be on our Twitter Account @EGXPinfo