BBMF This Weekend

UPDATE 1150/02/07/16: Due to weather it looks like some aircraft have gone out early and conducted some flypasts already. Hurricane & Spitfire P7350 went from CONINGSBY to SOUTHEND earlier & I do not know if they conducted flypasts on route. Spitfire AB910 looks to be in the process of LANDING at COTSWOLD AIRPORT as I write. Therefore do not take any times as accurate unless I pass an update from the event. Flypasts on the map that I know have been done have been changed to their actual time of Flypast.

UPDATE 1255/02/07/16: Purple Route is also running early, 1hr 25mins early by my last count but is doing some off book stuff at the moment, done Carsington Water now heading West and not to the next Flypast location of South Normanton & Lower Pilsey

UPDATE 1301/02/07/16: Purple Route South Normanton & Lower Pilsey looked to be scrubbed, probably due to weather, straight towards Manchester Barton Airport

Welcome to a new feature I am trying out for the BBMF Events over the weekend. There will be a map for each day which will be kept up-to-date (Live) as much as possible throughout the day, as details come through I will connect Waypoints together by aircraft so hit F5 in browser to refresh the map. Routes in advance can only happen in advance if the BBMF release those details. For a list, see the Diary.

Poorly Aircraft

Lancaster: Estimated fix by the end of July (Requires PDA)
Dakota: Rumour has it that the Dakota requires a new engine, timescale unknown.

Saturdays Map [Direct Link]

Sundays Map [Direct Link]

The Key:

Circles = Flypast Locations
Squares = Display Locations
Black = On BBMF Schedule but no NOTAM for it
Green = Going ahead
Orange = Possibly Cancelled
Red = Cancelled
Black = Something to do with incorrect Waypoint Data from BBMF/NATS
Lines = Straight Line Routes between points (Not the exact route the aircraft will fly)

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