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Welcome to a new feature I am trying out for the BBMF Events over the weekend. There will be a map for each day which will be kept up-to-date (Live) as much as possible throughout the day, as details come through I will connect Waypoints together by aircraft so hit F5 in browser to refresh the map as often as you can. Routes can only happen in advance if the BBMF release those details, even then they are straight line routes & not the waypoints they will fly directly to and from. They often change times at the last minute, appearing a few hours early or a few hours late, all I can do is pass on everything I know. On the day times on our online diary will not be kept up to date, that job transfers to the map and I will update times for each event in line with our best information.

Poorly Aircraft

Dakota: Requires a new engine


(00:00 means no time yet/TBC)

Thursday 25th August 2016

00:00 BBMF Display [Lancaster] [Hurricane] [Spitfire] (Clacton Air Show)
00:00 BBMF Departure [Lancaster] [Spitfire] [Spitfire] (RAF Benson)
00:00 BBMF Display [Lancaster] [Spitfire] [Spitfire] (RAF Benson)
12:30 BBMF Departure [Lancaster] [Spitfire] [Spitfire] (RAF Coningsby)
13:00 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Wyton Aerodrome, Cambridgeshire)
16:35 BBMF Arrival [Lancaster] [Spitfire] [Spitfire] (Southend Airport)

Friday 26th August 2016

00:00 BBMF Display [Lancaster] [Hurricane] [Spitfire] (Clacton Air Show)
00:00 BBMF Display [Dakota] (Dartmouth Royal Regatta)
00:00 BBMF Departure [Dakota] (Bournemouth Airport)
00:00 BBMF Departure [Dakota] (RAF Coningsby)
00:00 BBMF Arrival [Spitfire] [Spitfire] (Bournemouth Airport)
00:00 BBMF Arrival [Dakota] (Bournemouth Airport)
00:00 BBMF Arrival [Dakota] (Bournemouth Airport)
00:00 BBMF Flypast [Dakota] (Carfest South, Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire)
13:50 BBMF Departure [Lancaster] [Spitfire] [Spitfire] (Southend Airport)
14:45 BBMF Arrival [Lancaster] (RAF Coningsby)
14:50 BBMF Flypast (NOTAM) (Overton, Hampshire)

Route Maps
Thursday 25th August 2016

[Direct Link]

Friday 26th August 2016

[Direct Link]

The Key:

Circles = Flypast Locations
Squares = Display Locations
Black = On BBMF Schedule but I can not find a specific NOTAM for it yet
Green = Going ahead
Anything Orange = Possibly Cancelled
Anything Red = Cancelled
White = Complete/done (Time of flypast will be the label, if known)
Black Pin = Generic Error/To be looked into (Could be Error with coordinates/Place name incorrect)
Binoculars = Sighting Report
Fuel Pump = Available Fuel Stop Locations
“0” Value Time = We do not have a time yet, if you know a time please send it in

Line colours are only to distinguish between different aircraft.

Note: To see which aircraft is flying which route click the route line and a box should appear. In this box will be our best known information, if we know the aircraft type it will be there, if we know the specific aircraft its registration, marks and type will be in the box. If the box just says “Route 1” for example then it means we do not know what will fly this route. As the aircraft fly I will adjust the route as often as I can as I track the aircraft, therefore the dead straight line between points will start to warp and curve as you refresh the map. The last known position for the aircraft is generally at the end of the warped line where it changes back to a straight line. I will answer questions on Twitter if I have time but be aware I am working near full capacity while tracking aircraft.

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