Welcome to a new feature I am trying out. I will attempt to list as many flights of Helimed, Police & Coastguard Helicopters in the Lincolnshire/Humberside Area as I can, then list each individual location visited. I will then attempt to link up the locations visited with any details available publicly about there tasking at that location, the main source of information being social media. As we are unlikely to get official confirmation about each tasking there will be certain assumptions made and the phrase “Likely to have been tasked to” will often appear. The page will be listed in MOST RECENT FIRST, scrolling back in time as you scroll down. Each flight will be separated by a Horizontal line and times labelled “XXXX” are unknown due to the intermittent nature of our coverage. Flight from times are generally time of “first alert” from our automated systems and not actual takeoff time.

January 2017





1702 In the area locally known as Gun Hill (Marshland mostly)
1658 I think that area is all part of HOLKHAM NATIONAL NATURE RESERVE
1655 Struggling with ADSB & AIS Signals at the moment. Looks to be about 1nm North East of BURNHAM OVERY STAITHE

1637 Has been Communicating with Humberside Coastguard on Marine CH00
1625 Noticing Airborne South East

18/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH 2222 to 2341 {Missing Person Search – BARDNEY, Lincolnshire}
Incident Summary: RESCUE912 deployed to BARDNEY to assist Lincolnshire Police searching for Angela BALL (Incident Number 363/19/01/17) She has grey curly hair and is believed to be wearing a 3/4 length beige coat. She was believed to be on foot and confused, having left her home address in Bardney this morning. The Helicopter search focused around the River Witham East of Lincoln, to Bardney, onto Southray before turning and tracking the river back to Lincoln. As 912 was routing back to Lincoln we heard the good news that Angela had been found.
Deployment Map:
190117 2
2341 Pleased to report that Angela Ball (81) from Bardney that Lincs Police & “RESCUE912” were looking for has been found
2341 Landed RWY02 by the looks of the approach

2327 Turned towards Scampton (Picture delayed by 3mins)

2325 Leaving Lincoln North East


2321 Searching Over East Lincoln

2315 Approaching Lincoln

2251 912 Intercepted the River Witham directly North of Branston Booths (East of Lincoln & Cherry Willimgham) now tracking the river and half way to BARDNEY

2224 912 Will be routing to BARDNEY to assist Lincolnshire Police searching for Angela BALL (Incident Number 363/19/01/17) She has grey curly hair and is believed to be wearing a 3/4 length beige coat. She is believed to be on foot and is confused, having left her home address in Bardney this morning.
2222 Noticed Airborne

18/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH 0935 to XXXX {Vessel in the North Sea}
1016 912 with the VOS FAIRNESS
1010 Update on Destination based on current track of 912 it could be routing to:
VOS FAIRNESS – Standby Safety Vessel under a UK Flag Callsign 2GGY9 (IMO 9647203 MMSI 235097314 – 53.45081 N/2.35083 E)
Vessel is just East of Platform QGV4 Viking BRAVO DELTA Platform (49/17) (CONOCOPHILLIPS)
1000 Norwich would be the Hospital Destination in this case I think – or an RTB to Humberside if no casualty transported
0945 Destination is 95 miles East of its Humberside Base meaning it may be routing to either:
GMS ENDURANCE 6101 – Offshore Support Vessel under a Panama flag Callsign 3EVQ2 (IMO 9558969 MMSI 370581000 – 53.534 N/2.25417 E) or
HIGHLAND KNIGHT – Offshore Tug/Supply Ship under a UK Flag Callsign 2FUD3 (IMO 9643855 MMSI 235094271 – 53.54295 N/2.33191 E)
Both are near the Viking Gas Field (Conoco) near Platform Viking AR Platform (49/12)(CONOCOPHILLIPS) Viking ALPHA ROMEO
0940 Going East ETA 1023
0935 First noticed Airborne

14/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 2213 to XXXX {Vessel in the North Sea}
2334 Landing Now at Hull Royal Infirmary
2331 Confirmed Inbound to Hull Royal Infirmary
2315 Noticed back Inbound

2240 Conflicting AIS Data from a different source puts it as approaching the P&O Passenger Ship “PRIDE OF BRUGES” would say this is the more likely

2232 Could be approaching the “NEPTUNE AEGLI”

2220 912 is routing to a vessel ETA somewhere near 2235. Fog at Humberside Airport may cause problems on its return
2214 First noticed Airborne & Eastbound

14/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH XXXX to XXXX {Suspected Body In the Water – River Ouse, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire}
Incident Summary – Hull Coastguard:
Tasked by CGOC at 14:23hrs to assist Humberside Police with a search for the sighting of a suspicious object in the River Ouse near Goole. The team responded and searched the designated river banks, but nothing was found. Ultimately the team were stood down and returned to station. SAR helicopter and Humber Rescue also in attendance.”
1544 912 searching back towards GOOLE now, just passed Swinefleet

1520 “POLICE42” Left the area about 10mins ago, “RESCUE912” tracking the River Ouse to the Humber Estuary, nearly at the River Trent

1505 Members of the public noticing the search underway:



1452 Noticed 912 deploying west

13/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 0915 to 0954 {Cleethorpes to North Coates}
Grimsby Telegraph: “Eye witnesses report that they had heard of two separate incidents one involving a man and one involving a woman. It is believed that one was seen going into the water near the Fitties while the other was spotted in the estuary nearer to the Pier.”
0954 912 Landing RWY26 at Hymberside AP
0952 Looks to be on approach RWY26
0951 912 Switching to Tower
0948 912 looks RTB
0941 Lifeboat D-757 Seen now also (AIS)
0936 Lifeboat 17-05 Seen in the area (AIS)
0931 Our First Tweet
0915 First Transponder Signal Time (ADSB)
0905 Approx time for launch of Humber & Cleethorpes Lifeboats from RNLI (However this is sometimes the time of the page, not launch)

12/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH 0628 to XXXX {Pride of Rotterdam, Humber Estuary}
Incident Summary from Hull Coastguard: Tasked by CGOC at 06:19hrs to man the landing site at Hull Royal Infirmary as the SAR helicopter was bringing in a casualty from the Pride of Rotterdam ferry having suffered a possible cardiac arrest. On winching onto the vessel it was determined the casualty hadn’t suffered a cardiac arrest but was still in a condition requiring hospitalisation. Given they were three floors below deck and due to the close proximity of the ferry to the dock in Hull, the winchman stayed on board with the casualty whilst the helicopter relocated to the landing site. One docked the casualty was transferred from the ferry to a waiting ambulance and taken to the hospital, where the winchman was reunited with the helicopter. The team then stood down and returned to station.”
0701 Looks to be landing now at Hull Royal Infirmary
0659 Over Hull now, possibly inbound to Hull Royal Infirmary
0655 seems to have parted from the ship…..


12/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH 0126 to 0325 {Barnsley Area}
Incident Summary: We have no details as to what the incident was, just where the Helicopter Searched. It started searching just West of Royston, Barnsley then crossed the M1 at Darton heading just north of Cawthorne then Cannon Hall Farm, Dean Hill Farm then went South East to Silkstone Golf Club before heading home over Barnsley.
0325 Landing now RWY26 at Humberside (base)







0126 Noticed 912 was airborne heading West

10/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 2349 to 0206 {CASEVAC – North Sea}
Incident Summary from Hull Coastguard: “Tasked by CGOC at 00:49hrs to man the landing site at Hull Royal Infirmary as the SAR helicopter was bringing in a casualty with stomach pains from a vessel in the North Sea.”
Picture of the track for this Deployment:
0206 Landed at Humberside Airport
0159 Lifted from the Hospital
0141 About to land at Hull Royal Infirmary
0133 Pressing North Again after my last update
0127 Not quite pushing so far North for the last 20k or so
0103 912 is a little North of the expected track for an RTb – Possibly routing to Hull Royal Infirmary but no confirmation of this as yet

0051 RESCUE912 Airborne and tracking on AIS & ADSB
0050 AIS at the ETA showed RESCUE91 close (Less than 500m) to the LOGGS PA OFFSHORE PLATFORM (MMSI 992351162 53.389°/2.0045° 85nm from Humberside AP) last signal being 0015
0014 ETA of 28mins would mean an ETA of 0019
0005 Possibly following HMR6 the destination could be the LOGGS Platform but its going to take some detective work to find out
2356 ETA 28mins, which is approx 77nm at current speed, still trying to work out where it is going to
2349 Deployed East

09/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH {Grimsby & Cleethorpes Seafront}
Incident Summary from Donna Nook Coastguard Rescue Team: Following on from last nights shout, Donna Nook we’re paged by Humber Coastguard again this morning to further assist Cleethorpes Coastguard in searching for a missing person. Cleethorpes Lifeboat and Rescue Helicopter 912 from Humberside Airport were also tasked.All units stood down just after 1100 when person was found safe and well.

Humberside Police are working a High Risk Missing Person John WRIGHT from GRIMSBY. This may or may not be related to this tasking however the details released are as follows:


1031 Last AIS Position for Cleethorpes RNLI Lifeboat D-757 on our system, presumed it has stood down & returned to station.
1028 Now near WITHERNSEA tracking the cost North – End of live updates in relation to this incident.
1026 “RESCUE912” has broken of the search and is now wearing a Humberside Squawk and has adopted the callsign “COASTGUARD912” meaning it is resuming with routine taskings
1000 Cleethorpes RNLI Lifeboat D-757 also searching the area

0950 First Noticed that 912 had deployed

08/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH 1342 to XXXX {Seafox 7 Platform, North Sea}
1553 on long finals for RWY20 at Humberside Airport
1547 ADSB Plot shows 912 coming ashore at WITHERNSEA heading Directly for Humberside Airport (Does not seem to be transporting a casualty to a medical facility)
1410 Just over halfway now
1400 Destination SEAFOX 7 54.59933° / 2.19475° (IMO: 8769717, MMSI: 235065812)
1349 Passing the coast at WAXHOLME – North East Bound to a Platform – ETA 1425
1343 First Seen Airborne North East Bound

07/01/17 “RESCUE912” {Missing Person – Ulrome, Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire}

Incident Summary from Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team: Bridlington and Hornsea teams paged by CGOC Humber to assist police search for a missing person. S6C (Duty SCOO), Hornsea Inshore Rescue, Bridlington Lifeboat and Rescue Helicopter 912 also tasked. Missing person in Ulrome area. Teams searched beach south from Ulrome and north from Skipsea while lifeboats searching from Fraisthorpe down to Atwick. R912 searched coastline from Fraisthorpe to Atwick. Search went on for a number of hours until information received at approx 2120hrs confirmed that the missing person was at a location in Hull. While returning to the station Bridlington team were tasked to assist Flamborough Lifeboat who were towing in a cobble to Bridlington Harbour that had lost all power just off Flamborough Head. Boat moored up in the harbour and team returned to station. Many thanks to the generous member of the public in Ulrome who brought out teas and coffee to the teams.

05/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 2130 to XXXX {Missing Person – Skegness Pier, Lincolnshire}
Incident Summary: From local reports a 43 year old female named Nicola, wearing grey pyjama bottoms and a pink top was missing. Lifeboat was paged around 2107 & 912 joined the search. There may be some more info about later so check for updates.
2213 Landing back at Humberside RWY20

2256 RTB
2150 arriving at Skegness, lifeboat went south towards Wainfleet Rd
2139 approaching Louth
2133 Deployed towards Skegness to participate in the search for a missing person. Skegness Lifeboat launched around 2105 approx.

“HELIMED66” G-HMDX [MD 902 Explorer] {Last Seen Scrane End Area, Boston, Lincolnshire}
1101 Landing at Waddington
1056 lifting from LCH and routing to Waddington for fuel
0958 Landing at Lincoln County Hospital (Visual & descending now)
0956 passing BRANSTON inbound to Lincoln County Hospital
0940 Calling to cross CONINGSBY MATZ so could be heading for Lincoln County Hospital or Hull Royal Infirmary
0932 Airborne
0853 Seen just south of SCRANE END near BOSTON, may be near its landing site
0850 Seen near HOLBEACH ST MARKS, Last seen Northbound
0845 Called RAF Waddington for Service

04/01/17 “HELIMED98” G-YAAC XXXX to XXXX {RTC – M180 J3-J4 Scunthorpe}
Humberside Police: We have had to close the M180 close to J3 due to a collision between two lorries. The collision happened on the east-bound carriageway shortly after 8.10am this morning and it is thought that one of the drivers has sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries. It has been necessary to close the motorway in both directions to allow the air-ambulance to land and then to take the injured driver to hospital. Please be patient and allow the emergency services carry out their duties – we hope to have everyone on their way at the earliest opportunity.
0928 Passing THORNE
0922 Showing Airborne from M180 and Westbound
0937 Looks to be landing at base

04/01/17 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT 0912 to 1050 {RTC – M180 J3-J4 Scunthorpe}
Incident Summary: Initially deployed to an incident near Gainsborough they were stood down and redeployed to the M180 RTC. They then took a casualty to HRI, HELIMED98 also deployed to the M180 incident but they did not transport any casualties and returned to base from the incident
1050 Landing back at Waddington

0929 Landing at Hull Royal Infirmary
0921 Showing Airborne
0813 Airborne & heading given as “Towards Doncaster” May be related to the M180 RTC Near Scunthorpe, may not.

05/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 0645 to XXXX {Unknown}
0936 landed at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital again
0932 Airborne from Newcastle International Airport
0904 Landing at Newcastle International Airport (4.2NM 243deg from Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital)
0900 Airborne from Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital
0843 RESCUE912 just landed at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (146NM 355deg from Glenfield Hospital)
0746 Passing Nottingham
0738 Back Airborne heading North
0715 landing at GLENFIELD HOSPITAL, LEICESTER (63NM 208deg from Humberside)
0713 Turning, approx 180 deg
0712 Passing Glenfield, Leicester
0708 Passing a few miles to the East of Loughborough
0705 Entering the area of East Midlands Airspace
0702 Passing near to RAF Syerston now, working East Midlands

0646 South West Bound

04/01/17 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT 0912 to XXXX {Unknown}
0917 Landing at scene, location unknown, 6nm flight.
0912 cleared for Takeoff (Waddington)

04/01/17 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT 0800 to 0829 {Possibly Stood down en route}
0829 Landing back at Waddington
0827 RTB, I assume they were stood down en route
0814 Heading North East
0812 Cleared for TAKEOFF
0800 Engine start

03/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH 2155 to 2235 {Search for person in the water – Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire}

Incident Summary: Lifeboat launched on service 2132 and HMCG Helicopter was deployed to search for a missing person in the water. Missing Person was found on land during the search so units were stood down.

First job of the new year for Withernsea

2235 Landing back at Humberside

2226 looks RTB, search track:

2213 RNLI launched from WITHERNSEA around 2135
2211 flew towards the Withernsea area, now slowly making its way up the east coast

2155 Airborne going North East

03/01/17 “POLICE42” G-CMBS 2001 to 2023{Search for Trespasers – Hibaldstow, North Lincolnshire}
Incident Summary: Requested to assist in a search for two trespassers.

2001 Arriving on scene at Hibaldstow
2023 Complete & returning towards Wakefield

02/01/17 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 1207 to 1340 {Winch CASEVAC – Peak District, Derbyshire}

Incident Summary: Whilst out walking with family a 71 year old male from Chesterfield took an unfortunate slip from the footpath by the river. He was treated for a head injury and suspected back injuries. Due to his presenting condition, initial intention was to anaesthetise him at the scene, to aid the extrication a Search & Rescue helicopter was requested from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The stretcher was lowered using a basic rope system down to the site before the casualty was loaded. He was then carried and raised back to the path, team members then relocated to an island within the river to where the helicopter could winch from. He was then flown to the Major Trauma Centre in Sheffield.
1332 Back Working Humberside Radar, going for RWY02 at Humberside
1327 Passing over DSA
1306 Looks to have landed in SHEFFIELD, ADSB put it near PARKWOOD SPRINGS but AIS put is just West of the ROYAL HALAMSHIRE HOSPITAL
1304 Observed over SHEFFIELD
1234 Observed on ADSB in the region of Blackwell, Buxton, in the Peak District slowing from cruising speed
1207 First Transponder Signal Received

02/01/17 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT 1136 to XXXX {Caistor Area, Lincolnshire}
1252 Possibly Landed at Lincoln County Hospital
1252 Overhead Lincoln
1246 Just south of Caistor routing to Lincoln County Hospital
1151 Last Transponder Signal Received, so likely to be landing at scene around this time
1136 First Transponder Signal Received

02/01/17 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT 0940 to 1114 {Unknown}
1114 Transponder Log Suggesting HELIMED29 was probably landing at Base around this time
1110 Transponder Log Suggesting HELIMED29 got airborne from Lincoln County Hospital around this time
1013 Landing at Lincoln County Hospital
1009 Crossing the MATZ boundary on route to Lincoln County Hospital
1006 Transponder Signal Received again, suggested Airborne From Scene
0947 Last Transponder Signal Received before a gap in time on the log, suggesting it landed at the scene of the incident around this time
0940 First Transponder Signal Received

December 2016

31/12/16 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 0345 to XXXX {Concern For Safety Area Search – Buxton, Peak District, Derbyshire}

Incident Summary: Search for a vulnerable female from Whaley Bridge. The weather was clear and cold causing concern for the lady’s well-being. Helicopter was called in to use specialist night/heat seeking equipment. The lady was finally located, safe and well, in a hotel in Buxton.

0940 I was unable to update any further as I went to bed, however I did see it briefly pop up just North West of Buxton. As yet I do not have an incident to link it to or anything from official sources. There is however a Missing Person Investigation ongoing for a Lisa STENHOUSE so it is possible that this is related to the deployment, however that is pure speculation at this time.

0637 Last Signal we Received from the Aircraft Transponder as it appeared to be landing. (I do not know if this was the end of this deployment or the end of a later one.)


0345 First Signal we Received from Transponder

30/12/16 “POLICE42” G-CMBS 0145 to XXXX {Humber Bridge}
0150 Aircraft involved in the search of the Humber Bridge Area following a concern call.

0145 Aircraft seen coming into the Lincolnshire Area:

29/12/16 “RESCUE912” G-MGCH 2010 to XXXX {Area Search – Bradley, Grimsby, North Lincolnshire}
2305 landing back at Humberside 
2153 landing at Norwich Hospital Landing Site 
2134 switching to Norwich Radar from AnglianRadar
2119 ‪912 is routing to the Hospital Landing site at Norwich ETA 2151‬
2112 Possibly airborne and routing to Norwich (airfield or hospital)
2059 brief plot as I believe it’s landing 
2053 Incident may be at “Loggs Papa” (532320N 0020016E) with them transporting any patient/s to Norwich Hospital, possibly by Norwich Aifield
2020 Working Anglia Radar 128.925

2010 Our first tweet noticing deployment heading East

29/12/16 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT 1420 {Road Traffic Collision – Little Gate Lane Potterhanworth, Lincolnshire}
From this incident a man was airlifted to Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. Article
1420 First calls to Lincolnshire Police, Incident Number 174/29/12/16. Reported: “A blue Nissan Primera hit a pedestrian who was previously driving a red Citroen C2 but got out of the vehicle and was by the roadside.”

29/12/16 “RESCUE912”  0901 to 0904 {Missing Person Search – Bridlington}

Bridlington Coastguard: “Immediately after concluding the ordnance job both Hornsea and Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team were tasked to assist Humberside Police with a search of a missing male last seen in the Bridlington Area. Teams from Hornsea and Bridlington were deployed on to the beach and conducted a search of the coastline from Bridlington Spa South to the Skirlington / Skpisea area. Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 912 was also tasked to assist with the search. After conducting a search of the area the missing male was found by Coastguards. Coastguards were able to establish that the male was not injured and did not require any medical assistance. The casualty was walked to the nearest road access point were coastguards met with the Humberside Police officers who had also been searching the area and left the male with the hands of the Police. This incident involved HM Coastguard Hornsea, HM Coastguard Bridlington, Humber Coastguard Operations Centre, Humberside Police and Rescue Helicopter 912.”

25/12/16 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 0901 to 0904 {Area Search – Bradley, Grimsby, North Lincolnshire}

1306 This deployment could relate to a missing person Humberside Police are working. It seems to be the right area i.e. Bradley in Grimsby but so far there isn’t official confirmation the two are connected. Humberside Police: “Concern is growing for a Grimsby man who has been missing since the early hours of this morning. David Chambers, 36, was last seen at around 3.20am today, when he left a friend’s home in Scartho, driving a white BMW 116D. The car has since been located at Bradley woods, but despite an extensive search of the area, David has not been found. He is described as white, around 6ft 2in tall, of stocky build, with a shaved head. He wore a black jacket and jeans, with black lace-up Timberland boots. David, or anyone with information about his whereabouts are asked to call police. If you see him, please don’t approach him, but call 101, quoting log number 60 of December 25.”
Picture released: 

0954 Stood Down from a Search, going on a Navex to various locations including Grimsby, Lincoln, Doncaster & Scunthorpe. The Areas searched were:




0901 First Signal Received 09:01:21 UTC

23/12/16 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 2359 {Sighting of a person in a floatation suit – Cambois Pier, Blyth, Northumberland}

1342 I believe this incident was a search for a missing fisherman as a person in an orange floatation suit was reported to Authorities.

HMCG: “The UK Coastguard is appealing for information tonight following reports of a fisherman, in an orange floatation suit, disappearing off Cambois pier, Blyth

Two other fishermen on the pier reported seeing a man fishing, who seemed to disappear from sight, he did not pass them on foot, so they concluded he must have gone into the water.
Although no-one has been reported as missing Coastguard Rescue teams from Blyth and Newbiggin are on scene along with the Coastguard Search and Rescue helicopter and Blyth lifeboat.
There is no abandoned fishing gear on scene and no cars left in the carpark. Police are aware, if you know anything please contact Humber Coastguard on 01262 672317”

ITV News Article

0049 Looks to be arriving on scene 

0033 Track update for the Blyth Lifeboat 

0020 approaching the A170 between KIRKBYMOORSIDE & PICKERING, still on same course making about 128kts GS at 1850ft (approx)

0015 Heading would be correct for BLYTH

0012 RNLI State Lifeboat launched from Blyth, Northumberland around 2335, just checking heading to see if it could be related

0000 First Signal received at 00:00:20 on 24/12/16 showing aircraft at 1425′ meaning it got airborne before midnight, hence the date of 23/12/16 – Direction is currently North West

10/12/16 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 0629 to 0828 {Missing Person: MARSTON/HOUGHAM, GRANTHAM}

0828L Landing on RWY20 at Humberside Airport

0824L Looks to be joining downwind for RWY20 at Humberside Airport

0823L I did manage to get a picture as it passed our Lincoln HQ (Obviously it was low light so poor picture quality)

0822L Curved East around Lincoln avoiding the City on its return leg (I am guessing when time is not a factor they try to reduce noise polution and increase safety by not flying over populated areas like they have to on a deployment where time is obviously a priority)

0810L Confirmed Returning to Base – Via the same Track



0740L Stopped South of MARSTON then turned WEST towards FOSTON

0733L From HOUGHAM now south to MARSTON again


0718L After extending East it looks as though the Railway Line running North West was searched until North of HOUGHAM, now just North of HOUGHAM





0629L Airborne heading South tasked to the GRANTHAM area for a search related to a Missing Person (2hrs 30min Endurance, Estimated Time On Task (TOT) 1hr)

08/12/16 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT 1021 to 1230 {SPALDING Area}

UPDATE: Local Media reporting that an Air Ambulance was deployed to a farm near Whaplode due to an incident where a male had shotgun injuries to his arm in an incident that occurred a little after 10am. They state a female is assisting Police with their enquiries. I can not confirm if this is the incident 29 was tasked to as I did not get location details for the incident it went to however the timeline and hospital used does fit. You can read the short article here.

1230L Landing back at RAF Waddington Bay 11

1224L Just west of SYERSTON Returning to Base

1116L Lifted from scene routing to NOTTINGHAM (Presumably Queens Medical Centre)

1024L Takeoff

1021L Engine Start

07/12/16 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT 0838 to XXXX {Unknown}

0906L I did get a ping from @Helimed29 that was not too far from Lincoln County Hospital but I am having some technical issues at the moment.

0843L looks to be Airborne in the direction of SYERSTON

0838L Transponder Signal Received

03/12/16 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 0030 to XXXX {Reported Man Overboard RIVER TRENT/GUNNESS WHARF}

UPDATE: The man that fell overboard is missing and another has been charged with a maritime offence following this incident. It is believed the missing man was a member of crew on a vessel docked at the wharf and is in his 30’s. He was reported as “entering the water” to Humberside Police at 7.23pm. Ruslan Butikov, 47, was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in charge of a vessel has now been charged with the maritime offence of “failing to co-operate with the provision of a breath specimen” and will appear at Scunthorpe Magistrates Court on Monday 5 December. A spokeswoman added that the Marine Search Unit is being deployed to the area to continue searching for the man.

Incident Information kindly provided by Cleethorpes Coastguard on Facebook (2nd Incident Listed)

031216 Rescue912 callout 1



2018L “RESCUE912” Deploying towards the West, just leaving the Humberside ATZ now

03/12/16 “RESCUE912” G-MGCE 0030 to XXXX {Unknown}


0037L “RESCUE912” observed Deploying West, passing SANDTOFT Aerodrome a few minutes previously

01/12/16 “RESCUE912” 2259 to XXXX {Missing Person GRIMSBY DOCKS/CLEETHORPES}
Official Details kindly provided by Cleethorpes Coastguard

011216 Rescue 912 callout 1
2301L “RESCUE912” Seems to be around GRIMSBY DOCKS
2259L “RESCUE912” Airborne going EAST

November 2016

No Data

October 2016

26/10/16 “HELIMED29A” G-LNCT [MD900 Explorer] 0820 to XXXX {RTC Brigg Road, BROUGHTON}
1443L Just confirmed that patient was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary by “HELIMED29” unfortunately I had to go off-line around 0930L
0854L Confirmation from @SgtJamesMain regarding location

0845L Tweet from @SgtJamesMain (Humberside Police Sgt) regarding a road closure due to RTC. Location given as Brigg Road, BROUGHTON (Close to St Georges Residential Home) This could be the incident being attended by HELIMED29

0834L Just passed HIBALDSTOW
0831L Heading straight to the scene however weather, fog in particular is causing problems in that area. I guess they will try to get close to scene and make an assessment from there.
0827L Airborne towards Humberside Airport.

September 2016

16/09/16 “HELIMED29A” G-LNCT [MD900 Explorer] 1649 to XXXX
1649 Helimed deploying to STICKFORD, South of EAST KIRKBY
1651 Lifting from Waddington
1653 Transfering from Waddington LARS to Coningsby LARS
1657 Entering the Coningsby MATZ
1701 Landing at Scene

16/09/16 “HELIMED54” G-TAAS [Agusta AW109SP GrandNew]
1643 Calling Waddington LARS, currently just south of NEWARK and transiting through the are to HULL ROYAL INFIRMARY
1655 Passing overhead HEMSWELL and changing from Waddington LARS to HUMBERSIDE LARS for a service
1703 Crossing the Humber from BARROW HAVEN

16/09/16 “RESCUE912” G-MCGE [Sikorsky-92A]
1241 Airborne & Going EAST towards GRIMSBY
1243 Switching from Humberside LARS
1251 Last Plot: on North Sea Gas Field. A mile north of 49/18-BP,BD
1521 @aiqy65 States: “Just lifted Norwich Hospital Climbing to the North”
1536 @aiqy65 States: “G-MCGE 2100ft coasting out over North Norfolk on its way back from Norwich Hospital.”
1603 Noted RTB about 10nm out
1607 Landing back at Humberside

16/09/16 “COASTGUARD912” G-MCGE [Sikorsky-92A]
1110 Spotted of the coast at HORNSEA on a training flight
1118 Seems to be working with Vessel: “PUTFORD AJAX” [Offshore Tug/Supply Ship]
1213 Aligning onto the RWY20 at Humberside RTB

07/09/16 “HELIMED29A” G-LNCT [MD900 Explorer] 0919 to 1028
08/09/16/1113 The female casualty is 57 years old and according to the media she was trapped for around half an hour before being airlifted to Lincoln County Hospital. She was later transferred to Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. A spokesperson for East Midlands Ambulance Service said: “This incident is a real example of services within the major trauma network working together to give the patient the best possible care. Our crews worked together with LIVES, the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance, Police and Fire to free the patient and get her to the right place to continue her care.” Local Media Source The Lincolnite tweeted this morning:

1512 Tweet that came through the afternoon after incident:

1028 Landing back at Bay 11, RAF Waddington (Base) after a short flight from Lincoln County Hospital
0940 Tweet:

0939 Tweet:

0938 Tweet:

0911Tweet from Lincolnshire Police:

0900 Further Tweet From Scene:

0858 Helimed has just taken off & Landed in short order. I would say this is possibly from scene to Lincoln County Hospital
0841 Further Tweet:

0830 Incident is Pedestrian possibly trapped under a Lorry

0822 Looking for Somewhere To Land

06/09/16 “RESCUE912” G-MCGE [Sikorsky-92A] 1100L to 1510L
1510 approx, landing at base
1113 Reported 188miles to run shortly after takeoff, currently heading 27 degrees
1102 Airborne & North East

05/09/16 “RESCUE912” G-MCGE [Sikorsky-92A] 0043 to 0326
0326 “RESCUE912” landing back at Humberside
0248 “RESCUE912” airborne from Norwich Hospital
0217 “RESCUE912” landing at Norwich Hospital
0103 “RESCUE912” arriving overhead the “DN120” (Dredging or UW ops Vessel) in the Wash. Medivac to Norwich Hospital planed.
0100 “RESCUE912” over the Wash, sounds like a MEDIVAC to Norwich Hospital
0055 DN120 has the “MORAG M” Utility Vessell within 50m and the “COASTAL DISCOVERY” about 200-300m away and look to be the most southern Vessels in the Wash on AIS
0053 DN120 described as a Dredging or UW ops Vessel under a Mauritius Flag with a size of “111 x 28m”
0051 ETA now 12mins (0103L)
0049 “RESCUE912” calling “DN120” on CH16
0047 Routing to the Wash ETA 16mins

02/09/16 “HELIMED29A” G-LNCT [MD900 Explorer] 0956L to XXXX
0959L deploying to the SLEAFORD area, probably in the region of ASWARBY/A15

August 2016

31/08/16 “COASTGUARD912” G-MCGE [Sikorsky-92A] Humberside 1105 to 1206
1207L Seems to have been a 1 hour training flight
1206L is Landing back at Base
1152L Now over land at Barmston, East Riding of Yorkshire heading South South East
1147L Seems to be routing South (approx)
1144L Picture (Taken a moment after being over the bow)
1143L is over the bow of Vessel “Mersey Fisher”
1135L is only about 1000m (1km) NE of Vessel “Mersey Fisher”
1132L is working offshore, about 15km East of Scarborough, no Vessel within 5km currently
1108L is Airborne & going NORTH EAST

21/08/16 “HELIMED29A” G-LNCT [MD900 Explorer] Waddington 1045L to XXXX
1053L Just an observation that routing at 500ft seems to be too low for tracking at the moment, no signal at all transponder wise for the flight, not even an un-plottable one
1050L is actually routing more to the South, will go through CRANWELL MATZ @ 500ft Avoiding the ATZ
1047L is Airborne & going SOUTH EAST, Destination Unknown

30/08/16 “RESCUE912” G-MCGE [Sikorsky-92A] Humberside 1234L to 1312L Norwich AP
According to @FulfordBen on Twitter “RESCUE912” departed Norwich later for a flight to the platform “SEAFOX4”
1312L Landed at Norwich International Airport
1257L Received information suggesting the destination is to the Norwich Area
1249L “RESCUE912” crossing the coast at INGOLDMELLS
1242L Alerted to RESCUE912 going South East near LOUTH

30/08/16 “POLICE19” G-HPOL [MD 902 Explorer] Humberside 0945L to XXXX Gloucester Airport
1007L I stopped monitoring the flight
1003L Turned onto a track of 180 at the A46
1003L Just passed Swinderby, Lincolnshire heading 194
1000L Flight picked up, just passing Saxilby, Lincolnshire heading South West, log checked for first alert time (0845 UTC) destination given as Gloucester Airport

28/08/16 “RESCUE912” G-MCGH 2038 to 2224
2224 Landed back at Humberside
2226 Thanks to @2212leigh who confirmed 912 did land at Hull Royal Infirmary on the way back (around this timestamp)
2117 As far as AIS shows R912 as the only contact in the Ravenscar area
2104 RNLI “Launched from Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear about twenty minutes ago” (Puts it around 2044) Looking at the locations it seems that is a different incident at Tynemouth
2103 ADSB Lost around the Staxton Wold area but AIS has CG912 just north of Ravenscar offshore by about 200-500m.
2058 No significant AIS Activity observed although the RNLI report “Launched from Staithes and Runswick, North Yorkshire about twenty five minutes ago” which would be approx 2010.
2038 Aircraft deployed from Humberside with a possible location from a source as Scarborough.

28/08/16 “HELIMED29” G-LNCT XXXX to 1945
1945 Looks to have landed at Waddington after being confirmed inbound
1935 Observed on a flight back towards Waddington from the previous location
1842 Seems to have Landed West of Legbourne, Louth, Lincs
1834 Seen part way through a flight North East, I do believe it is down to provide Helimed cover at Cadwell Park for the British Superbike Event at some point over the weekend so I’m not sure if it’s going there for that.

28/08/16 “POLICE19” G-HPOL [MD 902 Explorer] 1640 to 1746
1746 Landing back at Base
1734 Heading back East
1730-1734 M62/M18 Junction
1726 Going out of area just south of Goole
Cleethorpes: A1098
Grimsby: Queen Mary Avenue/Lestrange St/Alliston Street
1638 Airborne & going EAST

28/08/16″COASTGUARD912″ G-MCGH XXXX to 1605
Looked like a Routine Training flight, first towards Spurn Point then observed up the East Riding of Yorkshire Coast, Withernsea/Bridglingson

28/08/16 “POLICE19” G-HPOL [MD 902 Explorer] XXXX to 1607

Hull (Preston Road/St Johns Grove Area)

Goole (Goole & Rawcliffe Bridge)
Humberside Police Incident Number 282 of 28/08/16
Likely to have been tasked to Missing Person Peter JONES: Police are appealing for help in finding missing 70-year-old Goole man Peter Jones. Peter of Pasture Street, Goole was reported missing by a care worker at 1pm today (Sunday 28 August), but following enquiries it is believed he up to a week ago. He is described as white, between 5ft 7ins and 5ft 8ins tall with a thin build. He has receding and thinning grey hair, stubble and wears glasses. He also speaks with a strong Yorkshire accent. It is not known what he is wearing. Police are concerned for Peter due to his current state of mind and he is being urged to get in touch to confirm he is safe and well.

“POLICE42” G-CMBS [MD 902 Explorer] XXXX to 1456
Lincolnshire Police Incident Number 214 of 28/08/2016
Between North Kelsey Moor & Moortown XXXX to 1430 Likely to have been taksed to Missing Person: MATTHEW is described as a white male, approx 6ft tall, stocky build, ginger hair, black jeans, blue jacket and brown trainers. Contact is: PCSO 2361 Samantha Evans (Gainsborough Uphills and Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team)

27/08/16 “RESCUE192” G-MCGH 2030 to 2239
Medivac from Peak District to Manchester Royal Infirmary (Hospital Landing Site Platt Field Park Manchester)