Red 1 Hosts Reddit AMA Today

Red 1 (Squadron Leader David Montenegro) will be hosting an AMA “Ask Me Anything” forum today. It’s a Q&A Session that has included hosts like President Obama & Bill Gates. This is his second year as Team Leader and he has also been a “Red” before returning again to the team as Team Leader. I initially saw the news of his appearance at 1130 and thought I had missed it, before realising it was aimed at the American community and is at 1130 EST which translates as 1630 GMT for us this side of the pond, easy mistake to make perhaps, well that is what I am telling myself anyway.

To take part the link you will need is here although having never used the popular Social Media Website please don’t send in any requests about how to use it, my advice for those wanting to take part is to get there early so you can sign yourself up for an account and get used to how it works! There is also an official article on the subject at the Red Arrows Website here.