CANCELLED Air Intercept Training Planned

This looks to now be cancelled as the NOTAM is no longer live – It may be due to the forecast low cloud and low visibility

As part of planned Air Defence Training, Fast Jet Aircraft (Eurofighter Typhoons) will conduct Air Intercepts on Thursday 9th January between 1000-1130 & 1400 & 1530hrs then Friday 20th January between 1000-1130 (Weather & Serviceability permitting). I will try and produce a map if I get time but in case I don’t I have pasted the Lat/Long details from the NOTAM here:
530000N 0000500W – 523800N 0002300E – 523200N 0001100E – 525500N 0002000W – 530000N 0000500W. 

Just like the featured photograph if the weather is good enough you may see Typhoons Intercepting other Aircraft within the area. They usually train against the Falcon 20’s provide by Cobham working out of Durham Tees Valley Airport however they do have to practice intercepting various aircraft with different cruise speeds so we can’t say for sure what aircraft will take part in the training alongside the Typhoons. Due to the area given we can safely assume the Typhoons will be scrambled from RAF Coningsby and from past observations you may seem them practice their ground readiness or they may just get airborne and practice the interception phase itself. Looking at things weather will be the main variable when it comes to seeing anything in the area or at RAF Coningsby itself but there may be photo opportunities at both locations. Vertically the area given starts at ground level up to 10,000ft.
I thought I would put the info out as the sight of Typhoon Fighters escorting other aircraft can sometimes get people worried thinking a live QRA is ongoing, so just giving the assurance it is a planned exercise might be a good idea. The main source of information for this post is NOTAM’s available publicly as well as past observations.

The featured photo was taken by Peter Howlett (@CardiffBirder on Twitter) and we are using the photos with permission.