REVEALED: What are they up to?

I’ve had a lot of questions about these aircraft drawing attention to themselves on aircraft tracking sites going backwards and forwards in the sky. Therefore I thought it was about time I revealed the answer.

These aircraft are part of the UK Brexit Display Team. They are currently practicing often at night in the skies over the UK. Aircraft G-MIND & G-LEAF Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II Aircraft form the Display Team based at East Midlands Airport. The concept is to demonstrate, in an Aerobatic Display, the negotiations the UK Government are undertaking with the European Union. The final display will see the Aircraft go back and forth to Brussels, without really getting anywhere. A spokesperson said: “It’s like interpretive dance for Aircraft, we have tried to make our display profile more interesting than simply going round in circles, we think it’s rather clever” There are hidden metaphors throughout the display, which includes many U-Turns, an overall sense of lack of direction and the overwhelming feeling there must be a better way to get there. The spokesperson went on to say: “Like Mrs May, you never know when the display is going to end, seemingly they reach the end of a leg and you think to yourself “that’s it for her, she’s done for” but then, despite the terrible odds, she continues for another round!!!”

The team use two aircraft so you can never be sure which Aircraft will be the leader at the end of the display. The team hope that they will be the right choice to represent the Country in this Display, however, they are not too worried about being knocked off the top spot as they seem to survive because of a lack of credible opposition!

There has been much speculation about the ending of the Display which is a well protected secret the Team are keeping tight lipped about. However there is speculation that in the end the team will simply crash and burn, or, on the flip side, that it will simply end without any of the drama project fear has drummed into us over the years.

The Team worryingly keep reassuring us that these are the Aircraft that will see us through, mapping their way through the Brexit Saga rather boringly. They say there is no truth to the rumours the Rees-Mogg Biplane made by the Jacob aircraft company will take over. The Rees-Mogg is a surprisingly young Aircraft despite rather deceptively looking like something from a bygone era of aviation and sounding much older when it’s old engine splutters out Latin tones. There is also, we are assured, no truth to the rumours that Johnson’s “Boris” Aircraft will take over, it’s a big, blustering almost idiotic design, that no one can quite understand and has recently been in the news sighted overnighting in other Aircrafts Hangars and not it’s own. An Airshow Enthusiast recently said “Its quite a funny design, but ultimately it’s hard to know if you can take it seriously on the Display Circuit, one minute it’s knocking over all the little planes and the next thing you see it flirting with some young sporty looking Vans RV-8 on a pay to fly internship”

Whatever the uncertainly May bring we are assured the Display team will keep practicing, always hanging over us, splitting opinion with the trusty if not rather awkward and robotic F406 Caravan II at the helm despite the rumours the Team have all got different opinions about who should be flying it. We will continue to debate the direction, the ending, the leadership and the mandate for such a Display Team but for those of you that have read to the end, you can find the real answers here.