Queens Birthday Flypast 2019

The Queens Birthday Flypast will take place on Saturday 8th June 2016 at 1300L over Buckingham Palace with a weather backup time of 1700L

The Route

Please note: Although the date is 2016 the route is the same each year
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The weather is already proving challenging and the BBMF component have already confirmed they are unable to fly.


BBMF Dakota: Cancelled

Puma HC2: Participated (Airborne ZJ956/KUKRI01)

Chinook HC6A: Participated (ZH777 or ZD981)

BBMF Lancaster: Cancelled

BBMF Spitfire: Cancelled

BBMF Hurricane: Cancelled

Shadow R1: Cancelled

Sentinel R1: Cancelled

BAe 146: Participated (Airborne ZE700/CLARET1)

Voyager: Airborne Abort (Airborne ZZ336/TARTAN)

4 x Typhoon FGR4: Participated (Airborne CHAOS(Flt)

  • CHAOS11 ZK430
  • CHAOS12 ZK312
  • CHAOS13 ZK308
  • CHAOS14 ZK348
  • CHAOS15 ZK352 (Airborne Spare)

Red Arrows: Participated (9 Airborne)

Weather Ships



Official Information

Help Needed

To help us create more maps like this after the main computer died, we are asking for a small donation to help raise the money to replace it. For more information click HERE or donate: