Reds to Return Home with PDA

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team The “Red Arrows” have received their Public Display Authority for the 2016 Aishow Season today at Tanagra Air Base in Greece.

The Red Arrows will return to the UK on Friday 29th April 2016 and land at RAF Shawbury for The Shawbury Land Owners Day. They will then go up and Display at 1430L landing back at Shawbury. They will then depart RAF Shawbury at 1715L to fly back home to RAF Scampton arriving at 1730L. 

A picture of the route is attached here but keep an eye on our social media accounts, particularly @EGXPinfo on Twitter for any changes before then.


Just got the above map at 1795 so do not have time to make a new map of the one underneath

How it was announced on Social Media

The Official Announcement & 2016 Picture

Video of announcement 

Reds Congratulated by the Blues