Defence Emergency Services Practice at RAF Scampton

Spotters at RAF Scampton may have noticed the Defence Emergency Services doing their Practice Drills at RAF Scampton, practicing such emergencies as accidents involving Hawk Aircraft (The Aircraft type the Red Arrows use.) The drills were conducted straight after The Red Arrows had been practicing meaning the Emergency Services were already at the increased emergency state a Red Arrows Practice Display requires.

The Fire & Rescue Aplliances could be seen driving  down the runway with Blue & Lights & Sirens pictured here as the Appliance leans in for a right turn.

The two appliances were followed quickly by an RAF Ambulance, picture on its way back from the Drill.

 At one point it did get a little confusing as a farmer had lit a fire just to the East of RAF Scampton that was giving off black smoke as it burned however this was not an enhanced level of realism for the purpose of the practices on the base. The second appliance picture here on its return.   The practice took place within the confines of RAF Scampton however it is worth mentioning the importance of not parking in front of any crash gates should you visit any base. Vehicles may need to use these gates at any time and as you can see from the photos the vehicles are very large and could need to exit by a crash gate at some speed, so if you park near a crash gate make sure you are parked well clear of the gate should it be opened and to leave plenty of room for large vehicles to exit at speed. Make sure you leave a minimum gap which is the same width as the crash gate between vehicles already parked there, a gap of a car width between parked cars is not adequate!