Video: Blowout on Take-off

As you may have seen yesterday an RAF Typhoon suffered a Tyre “Blowout” on Takeoff at RAF Coningsby, fortunately it appears to have been dealt with as per emergency procedures and no one was injured. The aircraft callsign “HAVOC22” was rather prophetic in hindsight however I am glad to be able to highlight that in good humour after the incident due to their being no one hurt. I am a little late to the party to report this as “Breaking News” but after seeing the video myself this morning I think it is worth a watch and if you have any pictures send them in and I will be happy to put a selection on this page. Thanks also to Jackie Carter for posting on our Facebook Page as it happened.

Our compliments to ArcturanMegadonkey there for a really good and well timed video.


230516 blowout2Picture by Matt Smart – @MattSmartie999 on Twitter

230516 blowout3Picture by Matt Smart – @MattSmartie999 on Twitter

230516 blowout4Picture by Matt Smart – @MattSmartie999 on Twitter