Reds Routes This Weekend


Thursday 21st July 2016
12:41 Red Arrows Departure (RAF Scampton)
13:00 Red Arrows Display (RAF Marham)
13:41 Red Arrows Arrival (RAF Scampton)
15:53 Red Arrows Departure (RAF Scampton)
16:16 Red Arrows Flypast (Odiham)
16:26 Red Arrows Arrival (Bournemouth Airport)
18:42 Red Arrows Departure (Bournemouth Airport)
18:42 Red Arrows Arrival (Bournemouth Airport)
19:00 Red Arrows Display (Lyme Regis Charities’ Week, West Dorset)

Friday 22nd July 2016
11:49 Red Arrows Departure (Bournemouth Airport)
12:00 Red Arrows Display (America’s Cup, Southsea)
12:29 Red Arrows Arrival (Bournemouth Airport)
14:44 Red Arrows Departure (Bournemouth Airport)
15:12 Red Arrows Flypast (RAF Coningsby)
15:31 Red Arrows Flypast (Leeming)
15:39 Red Arrows Arrival (Newcastle Airport)
19:20 Red Arrows Departure (Newcastle Airport)
19:20 Red Arrows Arrival (Newcastle Airport)
19:30 Red Arrows Display (Sunderland International Airshow, Sunderland)

Saturday 23rd July 2016
12:28 Red Arrows Departure (Newcastle Airport)
12:43 Red Arrows Flypast (Musselburgh)
12:45 Red Arrows Display (Scotland’s National Airshow, National Museum of Flight, East Fortune)
13:20 Red Arrows Arrival (Newcastle Airport)
15:55 Red Arrows Departure (Newcastle Airport)
16:01 Red Arrows Flypast (Matfen)
16:05 Red Arrows Display (Sunderland International Airshow, Sunderland)
16:33 Red Arrows Arrival (Newcastle Airport)
19:00 Red Arrows Departure (Newcastle Airport)

Sunday 24th July 2016
14:00 Red Arrows Display (Bray Air Display, County Wicklow, Ireland)
17:39 Red Arrows Arrival (RAF Scampton)

Route Maps

Thursday 21/07/2016 Departing: RAF Scampton at: 1241L Arriving: RAF Scampton at: 1341L

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Thursday 21/07/2016 Departing: RAF Scampton at: 1553L Arriving: Bournemouth at: 1626L

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Thursday 21/07/2016 Departing: Bournemouth at: 1842L Arriving: Bournemouth at: 1931L

[Direct Link]
Friday 22/07/2016 Departing: Bournemouth at: 1149L Arriving: Bournemouth at: 1229L

[Direct Link]
Friday 22/07/2016 Departing: Bournemouth at: 1444L Arriving: Newcastle at: 1539L

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Friday 22/07/2016 Departing: Newcastle at: 1920L Arriving: Newcastle at: 1958L

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Saturday 23/07/2016 Departing: Newcastle at: 1228L Arriving: Newcastle at: 1320L

[Direct Link]
Saturday 23/07/2016 Departing: Newcastle at: 1555L Arriving: Newcastle at: 1633L

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Saturday 23/07/2016 Departing: Newcastle at: 1900L

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Sunday 24/07/2016 Arriving: RAF Scampton at: 1739L

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Map Key

Squares = Displays
Circles = Flypasts
Points = Turning Points


Our Standard Route Document is available at and contains the NOTAM text as published (Times with an “L” at the end are Local time & do not need a time adjustment, however the NOTAM text copied in without an “L” at the end is in UTC so needs 1 hour adding on to convert to Local Time/BST)
Any live information for the Red Arrows will be on our Twitter Account @EGXPinfo

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