Red Arrows This Weekend

Saturday 13th August 2016

12:18 Red Arrows Departure (Biggin Hill)
12:30 Red Arrows Display (Eastbourne International Airshow, Eastbourne)
13:01 Red Arrows Arrival (Biggin Hill)
15:44 Red Arrows Departure (Biggin Hill)
16:00 Red Arrows Flypast (Ascot)
16:04 Red Arrows Flypast (Chieveley)
16:25 Red Arrows Flypast (RAF Cranwell)
16:28 Red Arrows Arrival (RAF Scampton)
18:51 Red Arrows Departure (RAF Scampton)
19:00 Red Arrows Display (RAF Cranwell)
19:26 Red Arrows Arrival (RAF Scampton)

Sunday 14th August 2016

10:55 Red Arrows Departure (RAF Scampton)
11:26 Red Arrows Flypast (Campfest)
11:30 Red Arrows Arrival (Biggin Hill)
13:47 Red Arrows Departure (Biggin Hill)
14:00 Red Arrows Display (Herne Bay Airshow, Herne Bay, Kent)
14:27 Red Arrows Flypast (Maypole)
14:35 Red Arrows Arrival (Biggin Hill)
17:05 Red Arrows Departure (Biggin Hill)
17:10 Red Arrows Flypast (Peckham)
17:13 Red Arrows Flypast (Headcorn)
17:32 Red Arrows Flypast (Hemsby)
17:47 Red Arrows Arrival (RAF Scampton)

Route Maps

Saturday 13/08/2016 Departing: Biggin Hill at: 1218L Arriving: Biggin Hill at: 1301

(Please note this is a trace of the route so it’s not as accurate as our usual maps, it’s not interactive either so you can not zoom in, something is better than nothing was my thinking.)

Saturday 13/08/2016 Departing: Biggin Hill at: 1544L Arriving: RAF Scampton at: 1628L

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Saturday 13/08/2016 Departing: RAF Scampton at: 1851L Arriving: RAF Scampton at: 1926L

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Sunday 14/08/2016 Departing: RAF Scampton at: 1055L Arriving: Biggin Hill at: 1130L

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Sunday 14/08/2016 Departing: Biggin Hill at: 1347L Arriving: Biggin Hill at: 1435L

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Sunday 14/08/2016 Departing: Biggin Hill at: 1705L Arriving: RAF Scampton at: 1747L

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Map Key

Squares = Displays
Circles = Flypasts
Points = Turning Points


Our Standard Route Document is available at and contains the NOTAM text as published (Times with an “L” at the end are Local time & do not need a time adjustment, however the NOTAM text copied in without an “L” at the end is in UTC so needs 1 hour adding on to convert to Local Time/BST)
Any live information for the Red Arrows will be on our Twitter Account @EGXPinfo

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