BBMF This Weekend

Unfortunately I am away at the moment and will not be back at HQ until Sunday at the earliest. When I checked a few days ago the BBMF Timetable for August had not been published, so I was unable to do any route maps for the weekend as I could only rely on NOTAMS and had no way of checking all the NOTAMS for the weekend had been published or not. I have just been informed the August Timetable has now been published so I will put this weekends section underneath this paragraph. I am unable to fill in any blank times or answer any questions about the location of flypasts, the best thing to do is follow the BBMF Folks on Twitter (Look at the accounts we follow on @EGXCinfo) and you can see all the information being sent in to us on Twitter by searching “EGXCinfo” on Twitter and selecting all tweets. I may be able to retweet the odd post and the Elf has kindly said they will check the account and retweet info as much as possible.

Link to the to the Full Timetable (Microsoft Excel File)