Cranwell flying on Saturday

Update 0841/13/08/16: It looks like there is a dedicated Twitter Account for the event, it’s @ACO75FlagshipEv 

This Saturday (Tomorrow) there is a Ceremonial Event at RAF Cranwell, I believe it is to celebrate the 75th Aniversary of the Air Cadets. This will feature some flying displays which may be of interest even though the event is for invited guests only and not the Public. With this in mind please watch safely and be responsible, do not park in front of crash gates, do not feed birds, do not drop litter, do not stand under approach paths and comply with any requests made by officials. Failure to be safe and responsible could mean the displays being cancelled on safety grounds and be a case of the minority spooling it for the majority and no-one wants that.

There is airfield information under the RAF Cranwell Menu on this website and I am unable to advise anyone about viewing locations etc. I am also away this weekend so will not be providing any further information although myself and the Elf may be able to check social media and Retweet information passed to us. Our Twitter account for Cranwell is “@EGYDinfo” and if you search Twitter for that and click all tweets you should be able to see any information others are sending to us anyway.

Times we have for the flying elements during the event:

This image was taken from our diary, using “Cranwell” as the search term, full instructions on how to use our diary are on our website, just select Diary from the main menu. It is a powerful tool, takes hours to maintain but contains EVERYTHING we know about and can share unless we have a live map running on the website. You can search anything, display teams, locations etc etc.