Typhoon Display Pilot hopes to be at 500ft by Friday

It looks like the Typhoon Display Team & its pilot Flt Lt Jim Peterson hopes be be practising at 500ft by Friday 16th March 2018 ahead of the 2018 Display Season & Public Display Authority.

The new Typhoon Display Pilot starts in the Typhoon Simulator at RAF Coningsby before moving to the real world with 5,000ft Display Practices over Water in places like the old RAF Wainfleet Range. He then moves over to the RAF Coningsby MATZ at 1,500ft before lowering the heights further to 1,000ft & then 500ft. Post Shoreham the RAF don’t like giving any notice of Display Practices but they tend to be either 1030 of 1430 on practice days and we do our best to keep you informed with the latest rumours on our Twitter Account for Coningsby @EGXCinfo as usual.

Flt Lt Jim Peterson took over as 2018 Typhoon Display Pilot from the 2017 Pilot Flt Lt Ryan Lawton: