Exercise Springhawk Begins

At approximately 1045 this morning, in lovely crisp weather, 6 Hawks from The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team “The Red Arrows” took off from RAF Scampton as “RED1 Flight” to begin Exercise Springhawk. The remaining 5 Hawks got Airborne as “RED6 Flight” at approximately 1053. According to RED10 their flight was delayed due to Fog at their stopoff location of Oberpfaffenhofen Airport, Munich, Germany. They were originally due there at 1030z when their takeoff time was down as 0900z according to our sources, so this gives us a possible revised arrival time of 1215z. From Oberpfaffenhofen they will then fly onto Tanagra Air Base in Greece if they are still following their original plan. Every year after Winter Training at RAF Scampton has been completed The Red Arrows fly down to the Mediterranean to take advantage of the better weather to intensively practice their display sequence for the upcoming Airshow season. It has not been possible for the Team to use their normal “home from home” of RAF Akrotiri again this year due to the base supporting the current Operations in The Middle East.

In support a C130 Transport Aircraft Callsign: “ASCOT5608” will depart RAF Coningsby at 0950 today and will fly straight to Tanagra Air Base in Greece according to our sources. The Red Arrows will then remain in Greece until they have obtained the Crucial “Public Display Authority” necessary for them to be permitted to Display and wear the Iconic Red Overalls for Pilots and Blue Overalls for the rest of the team in support. We believe Public Display Authority Flights will commence week beginning Monday 25th April with Friday 29th April being the day scheduled for them to return to the UK. From this date The Red Arrows could appear anywhere for Displays/Flypasts so keep your ears to the ground and if you hear any rumours make sure you send them into us using this form. The first Official Publicised appearance is on Sunday 8th May for The Shuttleworth Season Premiere Airshow at Old Warden Aerodrome, Bedfordshire, SG18 9EP.

There will of course be In Season Practices (ISP’s) as there are regulations about how often and when they need to practice/display for the Public Display Authority to remain in place, so I am told. Therefore I advise you to keep a very close eye on our Diary which gets updated several times a day during the Airshow season and EVERYTHING we know is coming up and can share will go on the Diary. Also keep an eye on our Twitter Stream which is focused more on Live Information and remember that you do not have to be a Twitter member to see our information stream, just use the link. If you would like to watch a Video of this years Display Sequence we have one for you here that was filmed on “The First 9 Ship Day” on 24th February 2016.