Save GiNA Campaign

Christiaan Lowe (@ChristiaanLowe on Twitter) has started a campaign on Twitter to “Save GiNA” with the Hashtag #SaveGina
The campaign relates to the Camouflage colour schemed Typhoon FGR4 ZK349 {BZ} of 29(R)Sqn RAF Coningsby. It was painted in the colour scheme for the 2015 Display Season because of its part in the Typhoon & Spitfire Synchro-Pair Display Team, which commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain . According to Unofficial reports the Typhoon Display Team may not use ZK349 for 2016 Displays and the RAF intend to return the Aircraft to its usual Grey Colour Scheme in August, halfway through the 2016 Display Season. We can not confirm these reports with an Official announcement so it is important to state we do not know the reasons for the rumoured decision and colour change taking place so soon, but the campaign has been started with the intent of showing the RAF the weight of public opinion, so they can take that in to account when making any decisions to return the colour back to Grey or when deciding which aircraft to use. First and foremost the Typhoons are the UK’s most advanced fully operational Fighter Jets so we appreciate that priority must be given to their operational requirements which include defence of the Falkland Islands, their Quick Reaction Alert roles and current operations in the Middle East. However if the specific aircraft is available for the 2016 Display Season it is easy to see why the public would like to keep it in the unique colour scheme that little bit longer.

The colour scheme itself is painted with the 249 Squadron identification number of the only Fighter Command pilot awarded a Victoria Cross during the Battle of Britain: Flight Lieutenant James Brindley Nicolson VC DFC. During combat over southern England on 16th August 1940 he was engaged by a Messerschmitt Bf-110 which set his Hurricane on fire. Despite severe burns and injuries he managed to critically damage a second Bf-110 before he eventually bailed from the burning Hurricane. The colour scheme is a tribute to him and “the few” who gave their lives and put their lives at risk to fight in the Battle of Britain. The markings include the letter designation GN-A along the side of the aircraft and this has given rise to the unofficial nickname of “GiNA” among spotters and Airshow goers. The Aircraft has proved so popular that even the Corgi Model has currently sold out. To show your support you can tweet the campaign picture, use the Hashtag #SaveGina and make your voice heard on Social Media.

All images including the featured image are by Christiaan Lowe (@ChristiaanLowe on Twitter) and are used with permission, please do not use pictures other than the campaign picture without permission.


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