New Twitter Account Launched

We have launched a new Twitter Account for Emergency Service Aviation updates in Lincolnshire. The Account is @Lincs999Air and will provide “unofficial and intermittent” updates on Helimeds, Police & Coastguard Helicopters in Lincolnshire or based in Lincolnshire.

Just recently we have improved our tracking and can more easily update you on the lower flying Helicopters. Also due to my personal health issues I often sleep during the day and remain awake at night, about the only thing worth tweeting about at night is Coastguard & Police Air Support sorties so I might as well give it a go.

The Twitter Account is part of The EGXWinfo Group and it starts just like the Group did itself “Just to see how it goes.” You may have seen the Twitter Poll where I asked if these updates should carry on using the @EGXWinfo Twitter Account or if I should create a new Account. The problem as I see it is that @EGXWinfo seems to become a bit of a “catch all” Account, when our other accounts tend to remain on Topic but @EGXWinfo (being our Primary account) tends to mop up the rest. Also RAF Waddington is due to have runway works completed by the end of the year so we do expect to be busier when that happens as well.

The Twitter Poll

The purpose of the Twitter Poll was not to go with the majority view, but to see if there was a substantial group of followers wanting me to remove Emergency Service Aviation from the Waddington Account, leaving it to focus more on Waddington specifically. This way followers can choose to follow the Accounts they want information from and not get bogged down with updates they just don’t want. This is the harder task to accomplish on the social platform as those wanting more information can just click follow once, then they always have it on their Twitter stream. Its very easy to add the information you do want on Twitter, but very difficult to filter out the information you don’t want and at the present time 79 people (44%) want us to help filter it out.

So, lets give it a go and see how we get on. Tracking will drop in and out because these are low flying aircraft, but I do hope to soon bring news of a way you can help plug our traffic gaps and benefit yourself as a reward, that’s about as much as I can say on that topic, for now. I do however have to say that during busy periods our effort will go into our other, more established Twitter Accounts first.

As of 0100 20/04/16 there have been 179 votes on the Poll, 56% wanting these tweets on the @EGXWinfo Account & 44% wanting a new Account for these tweets.

If you voted for us to continue on @EGXWinfo then simply follow @Lincs999Air and you will get the same information in your Twitter stream.

If you voted for us to create a new Account for these Tweets then you can choose to follow the new Account too or just @EGXWinfo.

What topics will be tweeted about on @Lincs999info?

Primarily live information on: “HELIMED29” the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance based at RAF Waddington. “POLICE19” the formally know as “OSCAR99” the Humberside Police (Now National Police Air Service) Helicopter based at Humberside Airport. The two HM Coastguard Helicopters G-MCGE & G-MCGH that fly under Callsigns “RESCUE” & “COASTGUARD,” “912” & “913” also based at Humberside Airport. Then any other Police, Coastguard or Helimed/HEMS Aircraft based outside of Lincolnshire that comes into Lincolnshire on training or deployment. Secondly I will tweet some information about things like Crime Initiatives or Operations, Stolen Vehicles, Property Theft, Identification Requests, Information Requests, High Risk Missing Persons, Lost Property, Fund-raising Initiatives, Public Appeals, First Aid Techniques, Lifesaving Advice, Recruitment Opportunities, Volunteer Opportunities, Pictures of these Aircraft and Competitions. These are secondary topics that I will choose after assessing each individual tweet on its merits. I do have an interest in the subject matter that I am happy to declare, as I used to work in the Emergency Services within Lincolnshire, but at no point will I use or pass on specific knowledge gained from my work about anything that is not in the public domain already and I will generally avoid those topics anyway.

As always if you have any information you can let us know over social media or contribute through the website here.